Hello all! The idea for this post came to me after talking to my nephew who just purchased his first home. As new homeowners, he and his wife knew little about what taking care of a lawn entailed, so I thought to write a little something up to help him and others in a similar situation. So without further ado, here are my top 5 most important lawn care services for all of the new homeowners out there!


If you want a lush green lawn, you will need to fertilize, plain and simple. And from my experience, the best lawns have been fertilized efficiently and consistently according to a set schedule.


Though this one should be a no-brainer, if you’re going to do the weeding yourself be careful not to overspray herbicides, which could have a very negative impact on your lawn. Plus, just digging weeds is inexpensive and very effective.

Soil Treatment

If you have brown spots on your lawn it may point to a pesky critter infestation (moles and voles anyone?), which should have you reaching for the phone (or clicking the link below) to get some professional help. But it also may just mean that you need a soil treatment like Revive, which breaks down hard soils to get water where it’s needed most. Some insects will cause brown spots even if you water!


Aerating your lawn twice a year (spring and fall are optimal) will do wonders for your lawn! What exactly is aeration you ask? Well, aeration is the process whereby an aerator device (looks like a lawn mower) is used to make holes in the lawn that allow water and fertilizer to seep in and get to the plant’s root.

Lawn Mowing

The last and final one should be another no-brainer, but that’s why I put it last. Planned and proper lawn mowing is essential to any lawn care program. Either do it yourself or hire the professionals, but either way, don’t forget about this critical task!

Well, that’s my list. Hope you learned a thing or two. One thing the new homeowners should be aware of is that some companies offer a lawn care service special for new customers. (Check out this special offered by local Denver company Mountain High Tree, which comes with five treatments including one free).