Fall Watering

Because of the arid climate, Denver lawn care is difficult year round. Watering is the easiest solution to many of the problems Denver lawns face throughout the year. Fall is an especially important time to keep your lawn hydrated, however, it is also one many overlook. Winter is coming, as they say on television, and it is extremely important your lawn is ready for winter, when it will be getting significantly less water and go into dormancy. I, for one, know for a fact that my lawn is currently dehydrated thanks to a simple tip I learned from a neighbor. It turns out, if you walk onto your lawn and leave footprints and it takes longer than an hour for your footprints to go away, your grass is definitely thirsty. My footprints were there for quite a while, so I know it is time to increase my watering cycle.

Beyond just getting your lawn ready for winter, watering will also make your grass more resilient as the dangers of fall arrive. One of the biggest and most consistent dangers is the vole. Voles love to sneak into your yard and munch on your plants or grass. They can do quite a deal of damage to the dehydrated Denver lawn. However, plenty of water means a few nibbles from these pests may do some harm, but your grass will absolutely have the strength to bounce back as strong as ever. There are also bacterial and fungal diseases to worry about as fall rolls on. These too will completely desiccate a dehydrated lawn, and the grass will not be strong enough to fight these infections. However, with healthy watering, once again the grass has the strength to fight back.

Does anyone else have some good Fall Denver lawn care tips? Please share! Otherwise, remember to continue watering.

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