I believe I’ve written before on how to avoid the stresses of the summer on grass. Most grasses in Denver grow best in temperatures ranging from the 60s to the 70s. We do tend to get those temperatures here at night in Denver, but during the day it’s quite different. Once it hits the 80s, your grass is in trouble. Since it has been a particularly hot and sunny summer, keeping my grass healthy throughout this summer has been difficult. However, this is just another hurdle of Denver lawn care, and as always, there are solutions.

The biggest and best solution is to keep watering. Water will keep the roots from drying up in the sun and heat. It also keeps the grass healthy so it will resist the heat and sun more effectively. Along with this, it is best to adjust your mower so you grass stays longer. Longer grass holds more nutrients and thus can better withstand the heat and sun. Watching out for weeds is also important and the arid climate will produce better conditions for weeds to grow, especially here in Denver. Make sure you have a good weed killer, or that you are out there plucking the weeds yourself. This sounds like a lot, but Denver lawn care is a never ending process.

While these tips should help keep your lawn healthy in this Denver heat, it is important to understand they are not fool-proof. Summer dormancy may happen, grass may turn yellow and your lawn may start to look a little ragged. There is no reason to panic. Grass that has gone into dormancy from the heat is not dead, but unfortunately there is little you can do about it. The good news is that as fall rolls around, the grass will come back to life and start growing green and lush once more.

If anyone else has some summer tips for Denver lawn care, please share! We’re all in this together.