On Mother’s Day there was a great snowstorm here in Denver. It cause downed trees and damaged cars, and there was a great deal of clean-up needed after the storm. It was late in the season for snow and many, including myself, had already started planting for summer. Unfortunately the effects of this snow storm are persisting even into July.

I like to keep my yard neat and tidy, I think I’ve made that clear often enough, and when I don’t my wife gets on my back. Some plants surrounding the yard are not growing as strong as they should due to the winter damage. Likewise, my neighbors have a vegetable garden in their backyard, and their crops just aren’t growing as strong as last year. They told me they usually have plenty of ripe tomatoes this time of year, for example, and this year they are still small and green. This is known broadly as latent winter kill. The winter damage from Mother’s Day is absolutely affecting everyone, and it is not an easy thing to overcome.

The most important thing you can do to fix winter damage is to prune dead leaves and branches. These are sapping energy from the healthy parts of the plants due to their damage and their attempts to recover. Trimming will give the still healthy parts of you plants more sunlight and more energy to grow strong. While pruning is the best thing you can due, extra fertilizing can also ensure you plants can get the extra minerals they need to grow strong.

Winter kill is extremely hard to fend off as it can without any warning and not even show for months. Once you notice winter kill has affected your plants it is important to act immediately to keep them safe and healthy. Sometimes this means even calling in professionals. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do it yourself (although I really want to get this all fixed myself, that’s just my thick head).  If anyone else is going through the same thing with winter damage please feel free to ad suggestions and help in the comments. It would help me, at least, I know.