panaeolus_foenisecii_02bigI just got off work, and my immediate concern was to change into a t-shirt and shorts, grab a cold beer from the fridge and sit out in my lush beautiful Denver lawn. Here in Denver we’ve been experienced our wettest spring in years, and finally, as we’ve entered June

, we’ve had a couple weeks of sunny days, though I am sad to say the rains have returned. Anyway, it was a beautiful day and I was in my lawn chair enjoying a nice PBR in the shade of my old Oak in the backyard. It was going to be a perfect evening, until I looked down, and sawn mushrooms had once again invaded my lawn.

It has been very wet of late, and I know the life cycle of mushrooms is very quick, so it was not entirely surprising to see them returned. Once again I was left with the question of how to get rid of mushrooms, this time more permanently. I think I’ve written before mainly on how to prevent mushrooms growing in the yard, but now I’m obsessed with getting rid of the ones right here and now.

I’ve already done plenty of fertilizing and aeration, which help break down the organic materials mushrooms use to grow. I think a more direct approach is now necessary. Mushrooms generally prefer shade, and are killed off by direct sunlight. Seeing as they are growing under my tree, I figured the first immediate step was some light tree trimming so my lawn would receive more sunlight. Also, due to the wetness, I’ve decided to decrease my watering cycle.

Beyond that, with the sprouting of mushrooms in the grass, I’ve found I’m just going to have to get down on my hands and knees and pull them out. This is hard work, for sure, but essential to maintaining my beautiful lawn.

Through my amazing research skills, I also found an amazing new trick to get rid of mushrooms in the grass. I’m not entirely sure how healthy it will be for my lawn, but I am willing to experiment. The idea is to poke holes around the mushrooms in the yard. Then you take two gallons of water and mix it with about three teaspoons of dishwashing soap. You pour the mixture into the wholes and it is supposed to kill the mushrooms at the roots. Then you just pluck them up. I just worry about the damage the dish soap will do to the surrounding grass.

It seems like every week in Denver lawn care a new problem arises. This strange weather is causing all sorts of problems for lawn care in Denver. Anyone else having some tricky problems?