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Some Link Blogging

Some Link Blogging

I’ve been looking at other blogs and articles, and come up with a few that I think would be interesting to readers of this blog. While I know I focus primarily on Denver lawn care, many of these articles go beyond that, as I seek out interesting posts.

JOHN DEERE ZTRAK MOWERS: MAKING LARGE PROJECTS SEEM SMALL: Personally, I don’t have a lawn big enough for this type of equipment, but I know many do. This article definitely takes a deep look into the usefulness of these tractors for tending to a large lawn.

Artificial Grass Vs. Real Grass: I will always go for real grass, but I understand with the arid climateh ere in Denver, artificial grass may be an interesting option. Even as a real grass enthusiast, this article definitely offers much to think about.

How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost?: I know I’ve gone over the importance of aeration before, but I think this article goes over well, as well, albeit in a different way, especially if you are looking to hire professionals.

May Lawn Tips: Some good lawn tips for the month from some experts right here in Denver.

The Well-Manicured Yard as Contemplative Retreat: A great article on a topic I feel very passionate about: the psychological effect having a nice lawn can have. Also, how rewarding it is to have a beautiful backyard.

Mulching in the Rain

Always looking for advantages for lawn care in Denver, I’ve decided to use this odd spell of rain here in Colorado by doing some mulching. Mulch is a natural sponge, and by laying it now, I am ensuring it will soak up water to its fullest. All the rain has absolutely brought my lawn to its greenest and fullest, but I know Denver lawn care requires a lot of long term thinking. While it may be rainy now, I now the summer sun will soon bring with it dry conditions, and possible sun damage. Mulching now should take care of this. It will soak up water my lawn can later use to keep itself hydrated.

My wife was interested in dyed mulch, and bringing extra some color to our lawn. I have to admit, some of them looked pretty nice. There was orange mulch and red mulch that looked particularly interesting. However, because the mulches are dyed they do not soak up water as easily, and are made to be more decorative.

In the end I decided to go with an organic lawn and bought recycled mulch. From there it just took some investigation into where to buy mulch in bulk. Buying mulch in bulk meant spending more, but ultimately saving money in the long run, as it usually is with buying things it bulk. After looking over some bulk mulch prices, I bought the mulch, and even got bulk mulch delivery thrown in, and started doing my lawn mulching.

It wasn’t amazing working out in the rain laying the mulch, but I managed to find some nice weather between the storms to get out in the yard and get the work done. I have to say, even with the brown recycled mulch, the lawn has more color. I know how tricky Denver lawn care can be, and I am very glad to have gotten this done, and to know I have put down some great protection for my lawn as summer approaches.

If anyone else has some great summer Denver lawn care tips, I would love to hear them!

Getting Rid of That Pesky Yellow Spot

Denver lawn care is quite the adventure. The constantly changing weather here in Denver, not to mention the intense sun and arid conditions, means it is difficult to really know what to expect when it comes to lawn care in Denver. I recently did some early spring watering and lawn care, and I saw my grass rejuvenated. Here in Denver we’ve also had about a week’s worth of early May rain and snow (it is not uncommon to get snow in Denver in May). With all this my whole lawn is looking very lush and dark green and healthy. The only problem is there is one yellow patch in my backyard I cannot seem to get rid of, and it’s been vexing for the past week or two.

During my spring Denver yard maintenance, I used the revive soil treatment, as well as a healthy amount of yard fertilizer. The lawn revive and the fertilizer definitely showed results, with my lawn growing very lush. These treatments should have taken care of the yellow patch, as well, but clearly they were not doing the trick. Since I know Denver lawn care is strange, I decided to delve deeper.

It seems the problem may not have been as simple as the grass not getting enough nutrients, but could have been damaged by some sort of chemical, or I don’t know what. The solution seemed to be to tear up the yellow patch and replant new grass. So, being a do it yourself kind of guy, I went out and pulled up the yellow spot. I then put down fresh soil, yard fertilizer and compost (now I’m kind of happy my wife insists on composting). I have a friend who did his own sod instillation in Colorado Springs and it didn’t sound too difficult so I laid some local bought Denver sod and made sure to keep up with my sod watering. After that it was just a simple matter of reseeding. Apparently I should see growth in eight to ten days, which sounds good to me.

Has anyone else doing Denver lawn care had trouble with yellow spots? How did you fix them?

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