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Getting My Lawn Ready for Spring

January in Colorado can be a little strange when it comes to weather. But the nice spring-like days are reminding me I have to start getting my lawn ready for when real spring rolls around. It is very easy to let the lawn go during the winter. I have been trying to keep up, but during the winter I just do not spend as much time out in my lawn, and it is easy to miss the problems that arise. So, on my own, I have started to compile a list of things I need to do to get my lawn ready for when spring rolls around.

The first thing I need to do is just get back out in the yard and walk around. Having been removed, many problems can have arisen, and just being back out there gets me back into connection with my lawn, and I begin to understand the problems. One common problem, and one I’ve noticed even just looking out the window, is the overflow from the garden beds. Soil from the garden has fallen out into the lawn. The problem here is that the soil will not give the grass a chance to get the proper air and water it needs. There is also a problem with debris. There are some leaves in the lawn, and some fallen branches, and for my grass to thrive, I need to clean those up as well.

Beyond that, and this is something I will be working with Mountain High Tree to maintain, is fertilizing. I already found a great deal Mountain High offers to help revivify the lawn through treatments, and since it’s a great deal, my wife is totally on board. While I am excited to get out and get my lawn ready, I know this is the last step, and needs to wait until later in the year. Still, next weekend I will be out cleaning up the yard so it is ready for the coming of spring.

January Spring

One of my favorite things about living in Denver has to be the January springs we get. I am originally from Massachusetts, and there once winter comes, it clouds up for about six months and either rains or snows at least every other day, The cold, because of the humidity, gets into your bones, and never fully leaves. There is no real way to enjoy being outdoors in the winter back east. Denver’s climate, however, means I can be outdoors most of the winter and still enjoy it. Even when it snows, it is usually sunny and nice the very next day,

So it has been great that this year has started off with quite a few days well over the forties. Out in my backyard I have a nice bench and a couple chairs and I love to sit out and enjoy the sunshine, and even being here for about 15 years now, I still dread the winters from my memories of Massachusetts this time of the year. Which brings me back to the point, it’s so nice to have the type of beautiful winter days we have here in Denver that allow me to sit outside and enjoy the lawn I love so much.

Just not sitting inside all day during winter days is such a blessing. I remember the feeling of being cooped up, and I still get it on snowy days here, but then the sun comes out and I feel free. I guess that is why I am so passionate about my lawn, it gives me a nice quiet place to sit and enjoy being outside, without the hassle of leaving the house. It’s just so nice having so many more days here in Colorado to enjoy my lawn, compared to back east. I truly enjoy our January springs.

Early Bird

I am not made of money, as my wife constantly likes to remind me. While looking for the best landscaping companies to help us spruce up our lawn, I was not exactly thinking of budget, but more along the lines of quality. I think with picking Mountain High tree I definitely found the quality, but my wife is unsure we will properly be able to afford their services. While I constantly reassure her it is fine. We can afford to do this, she is always looking for a deal. Luckily, for me and the lawn, she found one.

She found out Mountain High Tree has an Early Bird Special, which means we would get a free treatment in the spring if we sign up now. While returning customers get a free revive program, since we are just signing up we will get a free fertilization. Anything free lights my wife’s ear on fire, so instead of pushing back on our decision to bring in some experts, she is now pushing me to sign up as quickly as possible.

While we have plenty of time to get the special, I figure I better call them now while my wife and I are still in agreement, because who knows how she will feel next week. Or even tomorrow. It will be nice to have someone else fertilizing the grass this year, rather than spending my weekends out doing it myself. The deal also includes help with crabgrass and weed control. I love getting out on working on my lawn, don’t get me wrong. It will just be nice to get some of the early work done and by professions. I figure after they are gone, I can go out and get back to my do it yourself passions. And, if we really like them, hopefully we can bring them back in if more problems arise.

Trip with the Wife

So the landscapers weren’t going to be in until next week, and the wife was still being the wife, and I thought I might be best to get out of Denver for a weekend and clear our heads. Get our lawn care problems off our minds for a bit. So we drove up into the mountains to gamble away our hard earned money in Blackhawk.

And, of course i missed the exit. We ended up in Idaho Springs and my wife was complaining of hunger and I pulled into a BBQ place because I’m pretty sure it was the only place open, and ordered a nice brisket sandwich. She had fries. She’s a vegetarian or did I forget. Besides that there was a man beside our booth with an oxygen tank and breathing tube and the wife could not stop complaining about the sound of death. Really? Can we have some compassion during dinner?

Anyway, clearly my attempt to patch things up was not going amazing, and after dinner, and after my wife made sure I didn’t leave too large a tip, we were back on I-70. I think the plan worked. We got to our hotel/casino in Blackhawk and checked in. We were brought up to our room passing slot machines and video poker and rode just right to the top of the building. You would not believe the view from this room. The mountains were beautifully right there. It was enough to forget Denver, to forget my landscaping problems. I’m pretty sure my wife was impressed, too.

My wife wanted us to move on to something big. A game where I’d really make some money because oh dear we’re so poor and that’s more important that having fun. I had enough beers in me to tell her to sit down and shut up, which felt good. I hit a flush three times in a row, and before I knew it my twenty was one hundred twenty, and six beers in I was motivated and took my wife back to the room and made sure she forget to be mad at me.

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