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Lawn Care: Picking a Denver Service

I went over the lawn care companies I found with my wife. She had a whole list of things she wanted and some of them didn’t even make sense. We just kept talking and talking about it. It got to the point where she was making irrational demands and I was trying to stay rational, but I never can in these kinds of discussions. It was so silly for us to be arguing about who is going to care for our lawn, while the grass was going yellow and getting patchy in early winter Denver. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I made a decision and called Mountain High Tree. They were really the most interesting of the bunch, offering local lawn care.

I checked their website. They had pictures of beautiful lawns they had done. Lawns I wanted my lawn to be. I was truly impressed. Talking to them, they showed an expertise that matched mine. Talking to them, they knew what I knew after years caring for the lawn myself. Hell, they knew more than I knew. I was impressed. I still don’t know what my wife wants. Once the work is done I think she’ll calm down. I really need her to calm down. She does this passive aggressive thing, I don’t know. I just have no idea what do with that. But let’s not linger.

Talking to Mountain High calmed my worries about lawn care. I’m sure they know what they’re doing. They are going to come in and do an assessment. Give me an estimate. That’s fine. I see the necessity in that, but I really need them to come in and get the job done. Professionally. Efficiently. It sounds like they’re ready and able. I know I’m ready. It’s time to get my lawn looking beautiful once again.

Top Five Denver Lawn Care

I think I did well with my lawn care. I put in some hard work. Those mites are definitely gone. Still there’s a little yellowing to the grass. As much as I love my lawn, my wife loves it triple, and she’s on my back. I keep telling her not to worry. Grass yellows this time of year. But my wife wants me to do something about it, and I know I’ll be sleeping on the couch if I don’t.  This time she won’t even let me do it myself. So, I found the top lawn care companies in Denver:

1. The Grounds Guys

2. Lawn Services Inc.

3. Mountain High Tree

4. Swingle Lawn Care

5. The Lawn Boys

I have been doing my own lawn care and landscaping for years. The grass in my lawn is my pride and the greenest in the neighborhood. While November has been cold, I’ve still been out taking care of my lawn every chance I get.

Despite my years of experience doing lawn care myself, my wife is insisting I hire someone. I have been using my years of experience and expertise in lawn care and landscaping to find the best company in Denver for the job.

This has led me to a list of criteria for truly find the best lawn care and landscaping services in Denver:


I have found that these Denver based lawn care services meet a few if not all of these criteria. I’m not sure which I’ll choose yet, and I’ll have to run them all by my wife. Until then here are some links I used for research that may help you pick your top Denver lawn care service:

CSU Turf Grass

DIY Lawn Care

Front Range Lawn Care Best Practices

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